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Mobile power supply tips:
1, the vast majority of mobile power lithium-ion battery as energy storage body, according to the chemical characteristics of lithium ion, the new mobile power supply after 3 full charge and discharge to use, in order to achieve the maximum storage effect.
2, the nominal capacity of the mobile power refers to the mobile power inside the battery capacity, not charge into the phone's effective capacity. The effective capacity of charging the mobile phone depends on the conversion efficiency of the mobile power supply and the charging efficiency of the mobile phone.
3, mobile power supply for charging the mobile phone is a kind of energy conversion process in the charger process, there will be a part of the electric energy to heat energy loss, so in the process of charging mobile power, as long as the fever does not exceed 60 degrees all belongs to the normal phenomenon.
4, the mobile power battery has a certain cycle life, each charge will shorten its service life, so please do not over frequent plug and charge.
In 5, mobile power supply for charging the mobile phone, mobile phone will power consumption in standby state, especially when the surrounding telephone network signal is not good, mobile phone power consumption more, will consume part of mobile power, so that when the mobile phone is full of electricity, please promptly disconnect the mobile phone and mobile charging power supply the connection.

Three pack service:
Anticipate your needs and bring our cares to you. For you to bring more experience to the customer service to bring you the feeling of pleasure.
In order to protect your rights, please pay attention to the following information!  
Buy products, in order to get the guaranteed repair, replacement and return (referred to as the "three pack") rights, please:
1 at the time of purchase, ask for a valid purchase invoice or purchase accessories (if purchased separately) invoice and safekeeping. Effective purchasing invoice means: the invoice shows the attachment model, lot number and the date of purchase, the amount of the content and the seller seal.  
2 effective warranty card and invoice is the basic guarantee to realize the "Three Guarantees".

The "three pack" rights:
Products in the repair period, you can get a free warranty, please refer to the details of warranty
The product can not be used for two times within the period of validity of the three package, you can choose to return. At the time of the return of the sale price of a separate refund. By the dealer to provide you with return service.

If you are in the warranty period of the product (whether or not to buy a separate purchase) failure, please, together with the effective purchase invoices, back to the customer service center(customer prepaid freight). Customer service center after the initial inspection, for you to the repair center maintenance.
If you have any questions, you can call the customer service hotline (unified hotline: +86-755-8279-7810). Official website (URL: inquiries, the final interpretation of the company. If you are in the warranty period of the product (whether or not to buy a separate purchase) failure, please bring a valid purchase invoice, go to buy the dealer. After a preliminary inspection of the dealer, you will be sent to the service center.

Three pack performance fault table:
Charger does not work or work is not normal, can not apply to the specified charger charging
Battery charging is still not working properly. Judge the battery capacity is not less than 80%
Mobile power supply can not be normal
Data reader cannot work properly
Protective film surface cracks